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We are moving

We will be moving to Tucson Arizona this summer. We will still be breeding our beautiful Rottweilers. We will have more room to grow. We plan on getting a couple more dogs and will still be here for our wonderful clients. Will still have a few dogs in the Spokane Washington area and will be able to deliver and help with transporting your puppies. 

Welcome to Vertrag Rock Rottweiler / Treaty Rock Rottweiler

Specializing in European and German Rottweilers

We are a code of ethics Rottweiler Hobby breeder close to Tucson Arizona. We are privately owned and operated with over 20 years of experience with this unique breed. We only breed from champion European and German bloodlines.

All our dogs have completed health testing and DNA tested before breeding.  We study every pedigree to ensure the best breeding in effort to improve the breed. With our selective breeding process to improve to breed and try our hardest to match up to correct female to the correct male. We can assure our customers will receive healthy dogs that poses the proper loving Rottweiler temperament that this unique breed is known for. There structure should have large bones, muscular build, and correct angulations.  We try not to breed over size Rottweilers, we do our best to keep our dogs within breed standards. 

Rottweilers like other breeds desire structure in truth they actually crave structure in their day to day activities. Our dogs benefit from structured daily

routines including a well-balanced raw diet followed by a workout regimen designed to maintain muscle mass and promote healthy lifestyles. In addition to craving day to day routines they also crave some good ol”fashion tailwagging fun. Our dogs enjoy the benefit of their indoor play area where we play ball or maybe even go outside for a early morning run. Winter weather our dogs get to go out way more due to the weather is much cooler. All these action-packed activities provide good socialization skills with people including children of all ages to ensure favorable temperaments. Our outdoor kennels have indoor/outdoor runs that are claimant controlled. Our dogs are free to go in or out anytime they choose.

Our dogs are well acclimated to various noises and situations in effort to minimize negative reactions to loud noises such as gunshots, loud vehicles, music ect.

We have a birthing room in our home for all our expecting mom's and pups, this allows us to provide additional care and support as well as spoil mom and pups. We keep complete charts on every pup. Daily weight of each pup to make sure they are gaining weight appropriately and getting enough milk from mom. We are very hands on with mom and pups. We do our absolute best to make sure our dogs go to good homes. We do emphasize that Rottweiler's are athletic working dogs. They thrive on praise and making their owner happy..

We take pride in our business and strive to build solid relationships with our clients. We are here to answer any questions you may have. We make it our mission to place our dogs in good homes where they are loved and cared for properly. We have a network of breeders that we trust and use to make sure we are providing the best most update information to our clients as well as keeping our knowledge sharp and up to date. If there is something we don’t already know or have had prior experience with we guarantee we can get the answer in our tight community of Rottweiler lovers. We are here for all Rottweiler lovers, even if you do not buy a dog from us, we will still answer your questions. We are very dedicated to these dogs and building relationships all over the country in effort to continue to provide education on the breed and be a constant resource for anyone interested in Rottweiler ownership. Our focus is providing a positive fun-loving environment for our dogs as well as a positive experience and constant resource going forward.

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Our Girls


Please feel free to give us a call. We are always excited to talk about our Rottweilers and answer any question you may have.