Happy customer flew into Spokane Wa. and picked up his new little girl. He named her Faith Vertrag Rock. Hope to see her in the show ring.


These people gave me my dream dog. I've wanted a rottweiler since I was about 10. My parents had to give my rottweiler away due to financial issues and I have waited 17 years to find the perfect one. I looked into a couple other breeders who were so rude, but these ladies were the complete opposite. I got a male rottweiler from them and his name is King. He is beautiful and perfect and follows me everywhere and loves to just cuddle with me. He everything I'd hoped I would find and then some. Thank you!


We recently because a member of the Vertrag Rock family! Our puppy is everything that we have hoped for in a dog and he is the perfect addition to our family. Thank you, Denise, for making our experience so enjoyable and for loving our puppy well!  We’re happy to be a part of the Vertrag Rock Family!
-Max and Kaia                                                                                  09/29/2022